One moment I'm riding my bicycle, the next I'm staring up at the face of a paramedic in an ambulance urging me to stay still.

On September 25, 2007, I was riding home on my bicycle during 5 o'clock traffic near downtown Modesto, and was broadsided by a '91 Acura that broke several bones. The driver was uninsured and operating the vehicle with a suspended license. After I dented the front end and the hood, took out the front windshield and careened to one side onto the street, he did stop (was identified by bystanders) and then left. He was arrested approximately 30 minutes later, having returned to the scene of the accident. By that time, I had been hustled off to Doctor's Hospital, but the police were still there.

When I was able to type with both hands, I became compelled to jot down some of my thoughts with regards to reflections and experiences during my rehabilitation.

These words are in a large part inspired by my family, friends, and especially my wife, whose undying support continues to humble me. I am sincerely grateful...

Vic Bunce(Man)


Log entries:

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