I had attended 13 different schools when I graduated from high school. Being a child born in the Air Force, my pilot father was stationed all over the United States and abroad. Wherever he had to be, so did his family. It was my mother, though, who instilled in me the desire to travel. "Let's see where that road goes," she would say to her five children sitting on the bench seats of a station wagon cruising down a random road. With my father gone a lot, I thought nothing of my mother's penchant for travel. In fact, I expected it, growing restless if too much time passed before we'd hop in the car for places unknown.

The United States is a big place and I've seen lots of it, and will probably never see all of it. From a station wagon to hitchhiking, on a bicycle and in a VW camper van, I have seen much of the diversity that is the United States. And with my life-partner, Peggy, who shares my lust for travel, and Layla, the lightning dog, we're heading south than east.. taking the FED across the U.S.
Departure date: June 9, 2007.

"Let's see where that road goes."

Updates to FED across the U.S. will occur where wireless access is available along the way.


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