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First stop: Los Osos

In area, California is the 3rd largest state, but has the most people... 37 million as of July, 2006. Driving through the Bay Area, the Los Angeles Area, and the San Joaquin valley town of Modesto can be an tedious, stop-and-go experience. But if you study the map, there are more pleasant routes through California where the traffic is minimal and a lot of open space.

Los Osos is a small community just south of Morro Bay on the central coast. Population: about 14,000... cooler climate, cleaner air and a much more diverse landscape than the central valley. We own a property share in a mobile home park where we hope to live a few years. At night you can hear the ocean. Hence, Peggy has dubbed our motor coach "the beach house."

Adjacent to Los Osos is Montana de Oro state park, where one can hike miles of trails into the hills or along the bluffs to see some magnificent rocky coastline. Kayaking during high tide is a cool way to experience Morro Bay itself. Just north of Morro Bay is the town of Cayucos, where you will find the best dog beach along the California coast. Six miles of flat beach for Layla to run to her heart's content... and for me to take pics of birds and various things strewn about the sand.

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