April 18, 2014
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After spending the night in Oakland, CA, Peggy and I caught the hotel shuttle at 5am for a 10-minute ride to the airport to catch the 7am flight. Usual security: boarding pass and ID verification, removing shoes and belt and laptop and setting them in trays for scanning, and an arms-up, full-body scan… before being allowed to redress and pack and proceed to gate 10. With camera at the ready, the Boeing 737's dual, wing-jet engines accelerated and pushed us back into our seats. Gaining altitude, we soon turned west over San Francisco before heading to Maui over the cloud-covered Pacific ocean.

Five hours later, descending through banks of clouds, we landed at the airport in Kahului on the north coast of Maui. After picking up our rental car (Nissan Versa), we headed south for about twelve miles on the Mokulele Hwy to Kihei (Maui Map) where Peggy had arranged a cool rental house for us to stay while exploring the island… a cottage with stone walls and a small moving moat of moving water adjacent to the main owner's house.

After settling in, we went for a 2-hour walk down to the resort coastline to walk along the beach. By the time we got back to our stone cottage, we were essentially exhausted… early morning 5-hour flight, added three hours to our internal clocks, changed from a dry climate to a hot, humid one. It would take a few days to acclimate...

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