December 17, 2011
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The Inn is located in South San Francisco, about a 10 minute drive north on 101 from the San Francisco International Airport. We had driven there from Modesto to spend the night before catching our 8:40am flight to Honolulu. Offering nice accommodations, each room in The Inn has an eastern view of the south bay and a gas fireplace… and a cool oil painting on one wall.

For $25 extra, Peggy managed to procure us some seats next to the emergency exit. Next best thing to first class, as we were able to stretch out our legs fully. I had never been on a flight before with my legs beyond a 45 degree angle. And what a crystal, mid-morning view from my window of San Francisco as we headed west over the Pacific: Bay Bridge, downtown, Golden Gate Park, Golden Gate Bridge, Ocean Beach, and up the northern California coastline. I would have taken pictures, but our leggy seats were across from a stewardess whose take-off seat was across from ours… and would not have approved of my using my camera, an electrical device that must be turned off at take off. When the plane leveled off at 40,000 feet, I did retrieve my camera from the overhead bin and took 'a shot' out my window. Clouds and ocean would be all I would see for five hours... at least on the outside.

The plane was equipped with screens on the back of every seat. Movies and such could be purchased by sliding a credit card in the adjacent slot. For free one could watch the progress of the flight: mph/kmph, cruising altitude, how far we had gone, how far to go, etc. And just for fun, I held my camera and faced it toward the rear of the cabin...

After landing in Honolulu, we gathered our 'carry-ons', exited the plane, caught the land shuttle to another part of the Honolulu International Airport to catch the air shuttle to Hilo on the big island of Hawaii... our destination. Forty five minutes later, we landed at Hilo International. We claimed our baggage, secured our rental car, picked up some groceries in downtown Hilo, and drove north about 16 miles on Highway 19 to find our rental house for the next two weeks...

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