July 5: back in the U.S.A.

Woke up early and drove the 13km Red Rock Parkway to where it ends at Red Rock Canyon. Red because its bedrock has a high concentration of iron and turns red when exposed to air. Saw wildflowers everywhere and yet another bear.

Then it was off to the U.S., a short drive from Waterton NP. We managed to convince customs officials at the border that we were not smuggling any Canadians in before being allowed to continue on into Montana. Had planned to drive the Going To The Sun road in Glacier National Park, but the ranger said the FED (23ft) was too long. So we continued to follow Highway 89 down the east side of Glacier NP and turned right on 49-- despite a sign that recommended no vehicles beyond 21ft. It was narrow and curvy, but the FED had been on worse. Besides, we would not have seen the bear cub.

49 ends on Highway 2 which skirts the southern border of Glacier NP-- where we saw a cool sculpture honoring the Blackfoot Nation, and had lunch at Goat Lick.

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