September 6, 2018

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Iceland's volunteer Search and Rescue - ATV tour - Blue Lagoon

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We visited a bakery that was also adjacent to an exhibition of the 2008 earthquake that rocked the local community of Hveragerdi. The building is built on a fissure you can view through a glass floor. It was the proposed site of a four-story office complex until the fissure was discovered. Construction plans were changed to a small one-story shopping center of about four shops including the bakery.

Driving long stretches of road between destinations, Gulli was always good for stories to pass the time... some true, others tales and myths. Always entertaining. Today, Gulli recounted tales of trolls and elves and stories of cows that talked at midnight and horses whose hooves were backwards... you had to be there.

Part of our tour package was a stop at the Blue Lagoon. We parked and walked through a lava-lined walkway into this very expensive tourist attraction. We all got a towel, picked out our locker, stripped for a nude shower, donned our swimsuits, aand stepped into a large, lava rock-bound pool of warm, mineral-rich water. We all got a white facial mask as we bobbed about in the crowded pool. After we all turned more wrinkled and our fingers looked like pickles, we showered and dressed and headed back to Reykjavik.

That evening, Gulli had secured a conference room with a projection system to show some of the photos I had taken during the trip. We then had our farewell dinner. We would be leaving Iceland the following day and returning home. Oh, and Gulli had a contest to see who could correctly pronounce or come closest to Eyjafjallajökull, the name of the volcano that erupted in 2010. Peggy won, and her prize was the Book of Noses, drawn and written by Gulli.

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