Animal Index
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Alaskan Iguana King Salmon    
Bald Eagle Series Mountain Goat 1 - 2    
Blue Heron Ptarmigan    
Caribou Rhinoceros Auklet    
Common Murre Seal    
Dahl Sheep Snowshoe Hare    
Double-creasted Cormorant Stellar Sea Lions    
Golden Eagle Trout    
Grizzly (brown) Bear 1 - 2 Tufted Puffin    
Harbor Seals Wolf    
Horned Puffin 1 - 2    
Rat cadavers    
Beetle King Crab    
Catfish Long-tailed Meadowlark    
Chimango Caracara Red-billed gull 1 - 2    
Coscoroba Swan Rosy-billed Pochard    
Crested ducks Upland Geese    
Great Egret    
Arizona and New Mexico    
Duck Man on horse    
Layla Rattlesnake    
Avocets and Curlews Elephant Seals    
Badwater Snail Grasshopper    
Bald Eagle Great Egret    
Banana slug Green Crab    
Bigfoot Hawk    
Black Ants Jack Rabbit    
Black Guillemot Orange Beetle    
Dolphins Osprey    
Dragonfly 1 - 2 Peregrin Falcon    
Canadian Snow Goose Phosphorescent Beetle    
Chipmunk Red Crab    
Chuckwalla Lizard Sandhill Crane    
Crane Fly Seagulls    
Curlew Starfish    
Dead Beetle Turkey Vulture    
Duck with Ducklings 1 - 2 Western Grebe    
Deer White Pelican 1 - 2    
Bald Eagle 1 - 2 Deer    
Bald Eagles Elk 1 - 2    
Banana Slug Hoary Marmot    
Banana Slug and Centipede Humpback Whales    
Bear Cub Koi    
Big Horn Sheep Live Buffalo    
BIG Slug Moose    
Black Bear 1 - 2 Moth    
Black Stripe Slug Mountain Goats    
Black Wolf Raven    
Brown Bear Seagulls    
Buffalo Skeleton Snowshoe Hare    
Chipmunk 1 - 2 Sparrow    
Clark's Nutcracker 1 - 2 Swan    
Cows Walrus    
Crows Yellow-bellied Marmot    
Dead Crab Young Buck    
Albatross Magellanic Snipe  
Andean Condor Parrot  
Andean White Butterfly Patagonian Grey Fox  
Black-chested Buzzard Eagle Pumas  
Black-faced Ibis Ringed Kingfisher  
Black-necked swans Sheep-herding dog  
Cows, Gauchos and dogs Southern-crested Caracara  
Flamingos Southern Lapwing  
Guanaco 1 - 2 Upland Goose  
Horse White-crested Elaenia  
Imperial Cormorants  
Easter Island  
Chickens Dark-faced Ground Tyrant 1 - 2  
Chimango Caracara 1 - 2 Dogs  
Lots of animals... start here: Day 11, December 16, 2016    
Bee 1 - 2 Peacocks  
Dog/Cat Graffiti Pigeons in Thessaloniki  
Fish.. 6 to 9 inch Raven  
Kri-kri Tortoise  
Great Britain  
Baboon Sculptures Rabbit    
Beetle Raptors    
Butterfly 1 - 2 Ravens    
Coelacanth Rooster    
Damsel Fly Seagulls    
Dead Fish Scottish Highland Cow    
Dog and Horse Sheep    
Dragon Sculpture 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9    
Insectarium Slug 1 - 2    
Lion Sculptures Squirrel 1 - 2    
Magpie Starling 1 - 2    
Mute Swans Swallow    
Oystercatcher Terns    
Pheasant T-Rex Robot    
Polar Bear Sculpture Wallace's Insects    
Hawaii, the Big Island
Crabs 1 - 2 Kalij Pheasant    
Dead fish Maggots    
Gecko Turkeys    
Green Sea Turtles 1 - 2 - 3 White Tiger    
Heron? Wild Pigs    
Jumping Spider Yellow bird    
Arctic Fox Icelandic Horse 1 - 2
Atlantic Puffin Jellyfish
Bumble Bee Kittiwake
Cod head Long-legged Crab
Cormorant 1 - 2 Raven
Eclipse Mallard Duck Rooster
Fish head Sheep 1 - 2
Fulmar Sheep Rettir
Greenland Shark Starfish 1 - 2
Greylag Goose Starling
Haddock Suicide Sheep
Humpback Whale
Idaho, Nevada, Oregon
Bald Eagle Elk    
Banana Slug Golden Mantled Ground Squirrel    
Canadian Geese Grayjay    
Catepillar Mormon Cricket    
Common Murres Osprey    
Cormorants Sea Lion    
Dead Crab Seal Pup    
Chickens Little Owl
Chicken Head Mute Swan
Comorant Pig
Coot Scarab Beetle
Dog 1 - 2 Seagulls 1 - 2 - 3 - 4
Donkey Snail
Bee on a Virginia Rose Damsel Fly    
Black Ants Dead Crab 1 - 2    
Blue Orchard Bee Elder Sea Duck    
Bumble Bee Firefly (in the daytime)    
Butterfly Goatsbeard Bug    
Chipmunk Lobster    
Cormorant 1 - 2 Purple Martins    
Maui, Hawaii
Ae'o Goats    
Black Crown Night Heron Kolea    
Carpenter Bee Maui Garden Lizard    
Cattle Egret Pheasant    
Centipede Scorpion    
Chickens Crossing the Road Small Fish    
Cockroach Urchin    
Niagara Falls
Butterflies as seen at the... Niagara Falls Butterfly Conservatory    
Safari West CA
Addax Kookaburra    
African Crested Crane Nubian Ibex    
African Spoonbill Ostrich Egg    
Aoudad Ring-tailed Lemurs    
Black-necked Swans Roadrunner of Africa    
Canadian Geese Scarlet Ibis    
Duiker Tortoise    
Gemsbok Watusi Cattle    
Giraffe Wildebeest    
Golden Pheasants Zebra Drama    
Beetle on a Yucca plant Millipede 1 - 2    
Bonaparte's Gull Red Ants    
Catepillar Tarantula    
Crab Turkey Vulture    
Dung Beetle and a Fly Roadrunner    
Grackle Wasp    
Metal Bull
Bald Eagle Lobster Tails    
Banana Slug 1 - 2 Marathoners    
Black Slug Not sure    
Catepillar Railroad Bunny    
Crows Railroad Robin    
Dead Crab Starfish    
Dead Fish Wall Salmon    
Great Blue Heron